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Hello and thank you for taking time to share your experience with the beta run of Create Stand-Out Courses and Programs.

You can provide your name at the end (and be entered in a drawing for 1-to-1 one-hour strategy session with me) or you can enter the info anonymously.

I am adjusting the content and re-recording all lessons based on feedback throughout the class–and your feedback here. The upcoming run of the class starts September 17th and, as a beta-run participant, you are in for this next session.

Thanks. –Debbie

Your experience with Create Stand-Out Courses and Programs
May I use your comments as testimonials on the sales page for the upcoming run of the course? I'll contact you ahead of time and get name and business name to be used.
Do you want to be included in the drawing for a one-hour strategy session with Debbie?

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